Dedicated to our Mom, the Best Mom in the Whole World!



I'm so lucky to have you, the Best Mom In the World.

You've given me so much, I don't know here to begin...

As I sit here recalling the years of our past, I have tears in my eyes because I love you so much. From the moment I can remember, events of my childhood were filled with your loving touch, your ability to let me live life, just standing back always supporting me no matter what. Always offering your wonderful words of wisdom and still loving me unconditionally when occasionally I didn't listen.

You're my mom, my best friend and the most incredible human being. I admire and look up to you for your consistant strength and poise. Glad you got your girl, after all those boys. lol

I'm grateful for so many memories we have together! From our trips to wonderful places together like Florida, up North, California and all the places in between. We always made it more fun than most people, just going to the grocery store was a "trip" to us.

We have fun and that is something that I'm glad you taught me and still remind me of each day. To hear you laugh and look into your eyes after telling Emilee a good joke just takes my breath away! I never knew that joy was capable of coming into my life until my little girl came along. Now I understand the look of Joy in your eyes when I was a little girl. I saw it then and I see it now when you look at Emilee. We are so lucky to have you.

You are a survivor. The strongest most dedicated woman I know! I'm proud you're my mom. I'll always count on you, you can always count on me.

From your clowning around, to a serious cry, you've always been the one who listens and cares and makes me smile. Our halloween bashes, or just visits sitting on the porch, you have always put your heart into whatever you do. And for all these memories, I thank you.

I feel this is just the start of so many memories to come, that it's really hard to pick out any favorite one. Every day that God gives us, is a true blessing. I cherish every moment with you in my life. Yesterday, today and tomorrow all make up ones life.

You're a beautiful person both inside and out! Ask anyone who knows you and they'll shout, "She is the best in the world, no doubt!". You're the tops, be it mom, friend, boss or wife, you've left your heart print on everyone's life. You've raised more kids than I can count, you love each of us as individuals always doing your best to not leave anyone out. Things changed a lot over the years, you got us through all our fears. Some have lost their way, and I pray everyday that the Lord will help us understand that it's all going to be, O.K. You're never alone, though so many have left. God created you as his special gift.

On behalf of me and my brothers, we think you're the Best Mom In The World.

From here on earth and forever in heaven, on a scale of one to ten I think you're an eleven.

We share a special bond as mother and daughter. We share our birthday and we are so much alike. We've been blessed by the stars that shine bright at night. I thank God we have each other, to share this beautiful life.

If we could afford to buy you all of life's treasures, it wouldn't compare to our lives simple pleasures. We could buy gold and silver but happiness only comes when you realize love and laughter are life's most precious gems.



Dear Gramma,

I think you're the best gramma in the world. I love you so much. Something I want to say, thanks for loving me in your special gramma way.

Your the specialist gramma that a kind could every have. Thanks for playing with me. We have so much fun. From the makeovers to playing playdough or just watching me dance and sing, splashing in the pool, playing in the sand or pushing me on the swing. I know you do it cuz you live me. I am your special Emilee.