Dedicated to our mom, the best mom in the whole world!


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4th of July party 2003
Emilee and Gramma
Mike dancing at 4th of July party 2003
Jack and Mom in Indy
Art and Mom at 4th of July party 2003
Art singing at 4th of July party 2003
Mom. Art and Betiann's client, Kenny at 4th of July party 2003
Betiann and Mom
David, Mike's son.
Julia, Mike's daughter.
Mom and Chad at Bob and Theresa's wedding.
Garrett, Bob and Theresa's son.
Chad, Bob's son.
Charlie and Pat pregnant with Ken.
Betiann and mom.
Mickie, mom's sister, Carol, Bob's wife, Bob, mom's brother.
Mom bought us new jackets and put our names on them.
Betiann, Bob and Mike.
Mom and Ken riding the 4 wheeler.
Mom with all ten children taken before David's funeral.
Mom after she fell on her face while garage saleing.
Mom, Chad and Tom
Mom's mom, mom's grandmother, Mom, Dad (Charlie), Mickie, Dave.
Mickie and Mom.
Pat, Charlie, Gramma Farley, Dave, Mickie,  Grandpa Farley, Bob.
Mom's gramma.
Mom, Bob, Mickie.
Theresa, mom and Bob.
Mom and Emilee.
David and Mom's wedding picture.
Mike, Ken, Bob and Mom.
Pregnant Betiann and mom.
Betiann and Ken.
Mom, Debbie, Mike and Dad (Tom).
Betiann and Mom.
Charlie and Pat on wedding day.
Betiann and Mom.
Ken and Bob at Bob and Theresa's wedding.
Dad (Tom) and Mom.
Chad and Gramma