Dedicated to our Mom, the Best Mom in the Whole World!



God bless our mother, the best one of all!

Emotion gazes up thru eyes so small, a tiny hand stretched out to her so tall. To hold in that hand the infany of all. To be with our mother each one of us all!

What would a tear shed be if felled in the dust without theen. When the love from her heart cometh for we. We are your children, Kenny, young Bobby, sweet Betiann and me.

God's love is the answer and to each other his gift. Be our mother forever let eternity come swift. Bring back the closeness of the best time of all when we were each one of us all!

From my brother Ken, my brother Bob, my sister Betiann, and me Mike. Sometimes we were so glad, and sometime so sad. Sad when our father passed so young. Glad when you were happy with our new family found. Our new brothers and sister and the love that we found. Cindy, Jim, John, Joe, Jack and Jeff. It came that he passed and our hearts went with him. A time to be sad was upon us again.

Till again we found ourselves glad and once again we said Dad! Five more to our eleven and sixteen were we. Cindy, Tommy, Eugene and Jeff. Used to being sad, for awhile we were glad, upon us again, we had lost our dad. Life is too short to be so sad.

In you we have everything. You've made all of us so glad!