Dedicated to our Mom, the Best Mom in the Whole World!

Pat Ashton - A Special Lady

You've asked before and I gave thought

to lines that would be so dear.

On this, your Special Day, Perhaps I can

make them now appear.


We've known each other a very short time but

share a single thought.

While in another time and place we were so

close and neither of us forgot.


The thoughts we think together make us seem

almost as one.

The yearning shared, sensed, and needed

can't be put asided till done.


We came together in an unusual way which

neither of us can deny.

But the relationship that we now willingly

share is not built upon a lie.


While I can't promise love abounding as with a

husband and a wife.

I say from my heart, I will Love my friend,

My Kat, the remainder of my life.


So Pat accept these words for the meaning I

have stated.

And believe in the coming years your model

won't be out-dated.

Loving yours,


© 2003 Jack E. Taylor